Microscope Spares Accessories Filter Bulb etc for Microscope
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Microscope Spares Accessories Filter Bulb etc for Microscope

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


AB-67-A Sub-stage condenser NA 1.25 dia 37.5mm
AB-67-B with Iris diaphragm
AB-67-C Nose-piece Triple (For Student)
AB-67-D Nose-piece Quadruple (Medical)
AB-67-E Iris diaphragm 1-25mm opening
AB-67-F Reflector Mirror for Dissecting Microscope
AB-67-G Plano-Concave Reflector for microscope
AB-67-H Slide Holding Clip with pin (pair)
AB-67-I Blue Filter dia 32mm
AB-67-J Daylight Filter dia 32mm
AB-67-K Microscope dust cover
AB-67-L Velvet cloth for lens cleaning 8X8" (50 pcs.pack)
AB-67-M Microscopes Bulbs 6v-20w Halogen
AB-67-N 12v-20W -Do-
AB-67-O 12v-100W -Do-
AB-67-P Holder for 6v-20w, 12v-20W, 12v-50w
AB-67-Q 220v-15W Philips for sub-stage lamp
AB-67-R Variable regulator kit 6v-20w with bulb

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