Objective Abron for Microscope 100x Oil Immertionlens & other
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Objective Abron for Microscope 100x Oil Immertionlens & other

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


AB-62-A Achromatic 100X oil immersion lens
AB-62-B Achromatic Superior Quality
AB-62-C Achromatic I.S.I. Quality for Research/Doctors
AB-62-D Achromatic Objective 4X
AB-62-E Achromatic Objective 10X
AB-62-F Achromatic Objective 20X SL with PF Ring
AB-62-G Achromatic Objective 40X SL with PF Ring
AB-62-H Achromatic Objective 60X SL with PF Ring
AB-62-I Achromatic Objective 100XSL with PF Ring

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