Microscope Stereo Binocular Research Turrent mount
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Microscope Stereo Binocular Research Turrent mount

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Department Bio Microbiology Lab


* Torrent mount Achromatic Objective
* Precise accurate fine motion
* Top & Bottom built in lights with TXR
* One Eye Piece dioptre adjustment with rubber guard
* Round glass stage changeable with white Perspex stage plate
* Incident & transmitted light 6V bulb 220v/110v operated.
* Thermocol packing With dust cover
Eyepieces WF 10x paired or 6x, 10x/15x
Magnification 20X & 40x o
EYE PIECE Objective Sliding Magnification
10x 2x, 4x 20x, 40x
AB-33A eye piece 10x pair
AB-33b Eye Piece 10x 15x two pairs

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