Autoclave horizontal 16x24 inch + other fully stainless steel Abron AC-3250-h
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Autoclave horizontal 16x24 inch + other fully stainless steel Abron AC-3250-h

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Autoclave horizontal abron ac-325h1ss

Horizontal triple walled high pressure autoclave 

Size-16x24  Capacity- 78 liters  Load- 9 kw 

AC-325-H!ss Fully SS model-

AC-325-H2S lining SS model-

1. Water level indicator 
2. Vacuum breaker 
3. Automatic pressure cut off switch 
4. Digital temperature indicator 
5. Automatic self locking system 
6. Automatic low water cut off switch 
7. Moisture trap 
8. U Multi port valve 

AC-325-h1624    chamber 16x24 inch 400x600mm 88 liter  6 kw

AC-325-h1636    chamber 16x36 inch 400x900mm 115 liter  6 kw

AC-325-h1648    chamber 16x48 inch 400x1200mm 162 liter  9 kw

AC-325-h2036    chamber 20x36 inch 500x900mm 165 liter  9 kw

AC-325-h2048    chamber 20x48 inch 500x1200mm 221 liter  9 kw







Inner Chamber

16x24 inch 400×600 mm

16x36 inch 400×900 mm

16x48 inch 400×1200 mm

20x36 inch 500×900 mm

20x48 inch 500×1200 mm


78 Litres

115 Litres

162 Litres

165 Litres

221 Litres


6 KW

6 KW

9 KW

9 KW

9 KW




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