Variac dimmer stat auto transformer 3 phase abron ae-1445-bc
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Variac dimmer stat auto transformer 3 phase abron ae-1445-bc

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Variac dimmer stat auto transformer 3 phase abron ae-1445-bc 

These variable voltage autotransformers provide a trouble free and an efficient means of varying/controlling AC voltages. Variation of the output voltage is achieved by means of a brush arm with a carbon tip which rotates around a silver plated commutator.

Three Phase Variacs consist of three single phase variacs mounted on a common shaft connected in the ‘Star’ vector configuration. The units are aligned along the shaft such that the positions of the brush arms on each unit are matched.

Dimmer Tech is a continuously variable Voltage Auto transformer having a single layer copper winding on a Torro dial Core of high grade Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Silicon Steel, on one face of the copper winding, along the periphery, a special durable contact surface of silver coating is made, on which the carbon brush slides smoothly.

(ii)    Three Phase     

Input 415 Volts, Three Phase 50 Hz.

Output 0 -470 Volts, Three Phase.

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