Power supply dc multi output 4meters abron ae-1375-c2
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Power supply dc multi output 4meters abron ae-1375-c2

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Power supply dc multi output 4meters abron ae-1375-c2 

Low voltage DC power supply (0-20 VLow voltage DC power supply (0-20 

Power Supply  Are constant Voltage Current Limit type Supplies have regulation for Load & Line Voltage variation the supply are protected against short circuit , over The output, Current can be limited to any value from 0 to Maximum.

Low voltage DC power supply (0-20 V) four in one variable

regulated power with overload protection,

each of the four outputs from this power supply

are precisely held at specific voltage levels

protected from overload, shorts and

excessive current demand,


12V DC at 1 amp,

5V DC at 3 amps,

2-18V DC at up to 2.5 amps,

With 4 paid of wires 4mm banana plugs  1 meter long

With fuse


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