Power supply digital dc regulated 0-30v abron ae-1377a
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Power supply digital dc regulated 0-30v abron ae-1377a

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Power supply digital dc regulated 0-30v abron ae-1377a

Abron DC Regulated Power Supply  Are constant Voltage Current Limit type Supplies have regulation for Load & Line Voltage variation the supply are protected against short circuit , over The output, Current can be limited to any value from 0 to Maximum.


Input Voltage          : 230V + 10% AC 50Hz

Output Voltage       : 0-30V DC Continuously Variable With Course & Fine Control.

Output Current       : 0-2A or as rating 1A 5A 10A etc Settable DC with coarse & fine Control

Load regulation      : +0.05% + 10 mV from no load to full load

Line Regulation       : +0.01% + 10mV for 10% variation in input Voltage

Ripple                       : Less than 1 mV

Meter                        : Two Digital Meter to monitor the output voltage & Current

Protection                : Against Short Circuits & over Load

Output Voltage

Current Maximum

0 TO 30 V

20 A.

0 TO 30 V

10 A.

0 TO 30 V

5 A./  6A

0 T0 30 V

2 A.

0 TO 30 V


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