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Microprocessor 8085 microprocessor training kit with programmer
(AE-1305-8503EP )

Microprocessor » Microprocessor 8085 microprocessor training kit with programmer



  • Based on 8085 CPU operating at 6.144 MHz crystal frequency.
  • 8/16K bytes of EPROM loaded with powerful monitor program.
  • 8/16K bytes of RAM available to the user.
  • Battery Backup for RAM with 3.6V rechargeable cell.
  • Total on board memory expansion upto 64K bytes.
  • Memory mapping definable by the user.
  • Three nos. of 16 bit programmable TIMER/COUNTER using 8253.
  • 48 programmable I/O lines provided through two nos. of 8255.
  • RS-232C interface for CRT Terminal with auto baud rate.
  • EPROM Programmer for 27 series EPROM with facility to Program, Verify, List & Blank Check.
  • Two modes of commands: Hex Key pad mode & Serial mode
  • All address, data & control lines are buffered and made available at 50 pin FRC connector as per STD bus configuration.
  • 28 key hexadecimal keyboard and six seven segment display through 8279.
  • Powerful software commands like Relocate, String, Fill, Insert, Delete, Block Move, Examine & Compare Memory, Examine Register, Insert Data, Delete Data, Single Step, Go, Break Point in both Serial and Keyboard mode.
  • On board Single Line Assembler and Disassembler.
  • Faclity for Downloading/Uploading files from/to PC.
  • Power supply requirement: +5V/1.2A, +/-12V/250mA, +24V/21V/100mA
  • User's Manual.
  • Onboard 8 bit 8 channel ADC (Optional).
  • Onboard 8 bit 1 channel DAC (Optional).

POWER SUPPLY - AE-1305-PS-III (Optional)

  • +5V/1.2A, +/-12V/250mA, +24V/21V/100mA


  • AE-1305-8503 Kit (without Programmer) & AE-1305-PS-III
  • AE-1305-8503P with built in power supply.
  • AE-1305-8503E with EPROM programmer & AE-1305-PS-III
  • AE-1305-8503EP with EPROM Programmer & built in power supply.
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