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Microprocessor 8085 - microprocessor kit cum in-circuit emulator
(AE-1305-ICE-8085 )

Microprocessor » Microprocessor 8085 - microprocessor kit cum in-circuit emulator


AE-1305-ICE8085 is an 8-bit Microprocessor Training kit cum Incircuit Emulatory for 8085 Microprocessor.
Provides the Engineer, a complete microprocessor designe tool set working with 8085 - in a cost effective package that sets a new industry standard. The monitor enables one to use AE-1305-ICE8085 through keyboard & display having 28 keys Hexadecimal keyboard & 6 Seven Segment Display. The 28 keys consists of 16 Hexadecimal keys, 11 Functional keys & 1 Hardware Reset key.
This kit provides 48K bytes of RAM (0000 to BFFF) with onboard battery backup for preserving data stored in this address range even after power is removed.
AE-1305-ICE8085 is also a Stand Alone In-Circuit Emulator that connects to the Serial port of the PC via RS-232 cable provided with the kit.


  • Based on 8085 Microprocessor operating at 6.144 MHz clock frequency
  • AE-1305-ICE8085 comprises three components:
    • Microprocessor Kit
    • In-circuit Emulator
    • Cross Assembler
  • 48K Emulation Memory, RAM area starting from0000H
  • 8K bytes of EPROM with powerful monitor program.
  • 48 I/O lines using 2 nos. of 8255.
  • Three nos. of 16 bit Timer/Counter using 8253.
  • 28 keys Hexadecimal keyboard & 6 Seven Segment display.
  • On board battery backup for Emulation memory.
  • 40 Pin Header with cable for connecting the target.
  • RS-232C port for serial communication with PC.
  • Uploading/Downloading facility to/from PC.
  • Powerful software commands like Break point, Single Stepping, Auto Single Stepping, Go, Fill, Compare, Examine Memory, Assemble etc.
  • User's Manual, cable & connectors.
  • Power Supply requirements: +5V/1.2A, +/-12V/250mA, +24V/100mA.


AE-1305-ICE8085 has its own fast & efficient built-in Cross Assembler that can assemble a source file and produce a modified Hex file which can be downloaded to AE-1305-ICE8085.
The 40 pin POD and flat cable are use to connect the AE-1305-ICE8085 to the taget system.The Input/Output Structure provides 48 I/O lines using 8255. It has got 16 bit programmable Timer/Counter for generation of accuate time delay under software control.

Advantage of using AE-1305-ICE8085 kit over normal 8085 Microprocessor Training kit:5V/2.5A, +/-

Ram area from 0000H location onwards, so all software & Hardware interrupts can be taught as per 8085 Instructions.

Target program development & debugging starts from 0000H location and when development is over, can be directly loaded in the EPROM.

The AE-1305-ICE8085 kit can be directly connected to the CPU of the target board to test software & Hardware by wriing small programs for enabling students/users to understand the techniques of hardware and software testing.


  • 5V/1.2A, +/-12V/250mA, 24V/100mA, 21V/100mA


  • AE-1305-ICE8085 Kit & AE-1305-PS-III
  • AE-1305-ICE8085P with built in power supply
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