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Microprocessor 8051/8031 microcontroller training kit-cum-emulator
(AE-1305-ICE31/51 )

Microprocessor » Microprocessor 8051/8031 microcontroller training kit-cum-emulator


AE-1305-ICE31/51 is an 8-bit Microcontroller Training Kit cum Incircuit Emulator for microcontroller family 8051/8031/8751.AE-1305-ICE31/51 comprise four components: Microcontroller Kit, In-circuit Emulator Hardware, Symbolic Debugger & Cross Assembler. These components provide the Engineer with a complete microcontroller design tool set working with microcontroller family - a cost effective package that sets a new industry standard. This kit provides 8K byte of RAM (0000 to 1FFF) with onboard battery backup for preserving data stored in this address range after power is removed for up to one year. 8K byte of EPROM (C000 to DFFF) loaded with powerful monitor program. AE-1305-ICE 31/51 is also a Stand alone In-circuit Emulator that connects to the COM port of the PC via RS232 cable provided. The 40 pin POD and flat cable are used to connect the AE-1305-ICE 31/51 to the target system. The kit has onboard feature of A/D Converter using ADC 0809 and D/A Converter using DAC 0800.


  • Based on 8051/8031 microcontroller operating at 10/12 MHz clock frequency..
  • Compatible with AE-1305-P-I, AE-1305-P-II, AE-1305-P-III, AE-1305-P-IV. (Only Vinytics make microcontroller kit with emulator is compatible with AE-1305-P-IV)
  • AE-1305-ICE 31/51 comprises four components :
    • Microcontroller Kit
    • Incircuit Emulator
    • MBUG Symbolic Debugger
    • MBUG Cross Assembler
  • 8K Emulation Memory expandable upto 48K with battery backup.
  • 8K byte of EPROM loaded with powerful monitor program.
  • 48 I/O lines using 2 nos. of 8255.
  • 16 bit timer/counter using 8253.
  • 32 keys and Six Seven Segment display.
  • 8 LEDs for displaying contents of registers and two LEDs for current emulation memory.
  • 8 channel 8 bit A/D Converter using ADC 0809.
  • Single channel D/A Converter using DAC 0800.
  • 40 pin Header with cable for connecting the target system.
  • RS232 port for serial communication with IBM-PC/XT?AT.
  • Uploading & Downloading of files to/from PC.
  • Onboard assembler/disassembler.
  • Power Supply requirement : +5V/1.2A, +/-12V/250mA
  • User's Manual, Cables & Connectors.

Onboard MBUG Symbolic Debugger
MBUG is a DOS-based application program that controls and interfaces with the VMC_ICE 31/51 Incircuit Emulator through the PC Serial port. MBUG can display and modify all registers, ports, special function registers (SFRs), INTERNAL DATA, BIT, Xternal DATA and memory. The display of registers and SFRs can be customised to the programmer's requirements. On-chip user program watch variables can be designed into the register window. Two types of break-points can be set and the break-point frequency can be set up to 25 repetations. Two single-step commands are also available. The line-assembler can be used to patch already loaded programs and a disassembler is also available.


  • Power Supply (AE-1305-PS-III): +5V/1.2A, +/-12V/250mA & 24V/21v/100mA.
  • Emulator POD for 8751/EM8751/89C51 To use AE-1305-31/51 as Emulator for 8751/89C51.
  • Emulator POD for 89C2051/89C1051 To use AE-1305-31/51 as Emulator for 89C2051/89C1051.


  • AE-1305-ICE31/51 Kit & AE-1305-PS-III
  • AE-1305-ICE31/51P with built in power supply
  • Emulator PODs for 89C51.
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