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Labmed research microscopy cxr3
(CXR3 )

Labomed Binocular Microscope » Labmed research microscopy cxr3



CXRIII Microscope is a laboratory microscopy system for high-end applications and has most modern design incorporating the latest in optical and mechanical advancements.
Extra clarity and contrast is provided through our new high performance Infinity Corrected
IP optical system. CXRIII offers great performance features built in as standard making it a
clear choice for advance laboratory and research application.
Stand U Shaped stand with plastic hand rest
Nosepiece Quintuple nosepiece, reversed type
Viewing Bodies Sidentopf Binocular or Trinocular, 30° inclined, 360°
rotatable. IPD range 52 - 75mm.
Mechanical Stage Rectangular 150 x 135mm double plate stage.
Cross travel 76mm x 50mm using low positioned X/Y
co-axial control knobs.
Condenser Abbe Condenser N.A. 1.25 having aspheric lens,
Focusing System Co-axial coarse and fine focusing system with auto
focus stop.
Illumination Koehler Illumination 12V-20W or 12V-30W Halogen
lamp illumination with universal power supply for input from
110V to 240V AC (UL, CE approved).
Objectives Infinity Corrected Achromats, Plan Achromats, Plan Phase
RP Achro 4x/NA 0.10,10x/NA 0.25, 40x/NA 0.65 Spring Loaded
and 100x/NA 1.25 Spring Loaded, Oil Immersion
RP Plan Achro 2.5x/NA 0.10, 4x/NA 0.10,10x/NA 0.25, 20x/NA 0.40,
40x/NA 0.65 Spring Loaded, 50x/NA 0.70 Spring Loaded,
Oil Immersion and 100x/NA 1.25 Spring Loaded, Oil Immersion
RP Plan Phase Achro 10x/NA 0.25, 20x/NA 0.40, 40x/NA 0.65 Spring Loaded
and 100x/NA 1.25 Spring Loaded, Oil Immersion.
Eyepieces WF 10x (F.N. 18mm), optional WF 10x (F.N. 23mm),
WF 15x (F.N. 16mm) with eye guard
Accessories Phase telescope, Dual Viewing Attachment, Dark field
Condenser, Flip top condenser, Fluroscence attachment,
Phase Kit, Green Filter, Polarizing Kit, Video adapters. Photo
adapters for 35mm SLR camera, Digital Still camera and 10x
Photo eyepiece.
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