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Practical Physics Class XI (11th)

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APP-11b39-73 To study the conservation of energy of ball rolling down an inclined plane (Using a double inclined plane)


Class XI Apparatus : Double inclined track, a metallic ball of about 1 cm radius, two 1 kg weights, level, plumbline, meter scale, two wooden blocks each of height 2 cm, etc

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APP-11b39-74 To Study dissipation of Energy of a simple pendulam by plottting a graph between of a amplitude and atime


Class XI Apparatus : Ticker timer, paper tape, meter scale, thread, clemp, stand, metallic brick as bob, G -clamps (four), split cork and a spring balance

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APP-11b39-75 To observe change of state and plot a Colling curve for molten wax


Class XI Apparatus : A beaker, some wax, thermometer, clamp stand, burner, tripod stand, clamp stand and a stopwatch

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APP-11b39-76 To Study the bending of abimetallic strip on heation and to find which of a metals has larger liner expansion


Class XI Apparatus : Brass-iron bimetallic strip, clamp stand, a burner or stove and a light hammer

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APP-11b39-77 To note the change in level of liquid in a container on heatiing and interpret the observations


Class XI Apparatus : A beaker, a round bottom flask with graduations or a container, tripod stand, wire gauge, liquid (having boiling point more than 100 C) clamp stand, burner, thermometer and water

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APP-11b39-78 To Studay the effect of detergent on surface tension by observing capillary rise


Class XI Apparatus : Same as in experiment of surface tension and three commonly used detergents

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APP-11b39-79 To Study Factors Affectiong the Rate Cooling if a Liquid


Class XI Apparatus : Newton's law of cooling apparatus with calorimeters of different materials, cross-section and polished and black painted outer surface

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APP-11b39-80 To Study the effect of load on depression of a suitable clamped metre scale loaded (i( at its (ii) in the middpe


Class XI Apparatus : Two metre scales, clamp stand, slotted weights (50 g each) and a pan

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APP-11b39-81 To Determine the radius of Gyration about Centre of mass of a metre scale used as a bar pendulum


Class XI Apparatus : A meter scale having holes drilled at equal intervals along its length. A knife-edge fixed on a wall or on any other rigid support, two sharp wedges, and a spring balance

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APP-11b39-82 To investigate the change in the velocity of a body under the action of a constant force and to deternmibne its acceleration


Class XI Apparatus : A ticker timer, a horizontal table having length nearly equal to height, 2 cm thick wooden strip having length equal to width of the table, a wooden trolley, G clamps, frictionless pulley, long paper tape, hanger, slotted weighs, some extra weights, spring balance, strong thread, meter-rod

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APP-11b39-83 To Compare effectiveness of different materials as insulotors of heat


Class XI Apparatus : Mosquito mat heater (like Good-Knight, Allout,etc.) heat insulation materials, e.g. glass wood, asbestos, polyurathane foam (PUF), etc. a block of copper to fit the heating top of the heater with a hole drilled into accommodate a thermometer bullb (e.g. 3 cm x 2 cm x 1 cm block), a half degree mercury thermometer, aluminium foil, clamp stand, stopwatch, hand vice, cutter, etc

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APP-11b39-84 To Compare effectiernet materials as absorbers of sound


Class XI Apparatus : Piezoelectric buzzer with inbuilt signal generator circuit, a volt battery, audio amplifier of any type with microphone input jack facility, condenser microphone, AC millivltmeter, a pipe of PVC or paper (in 5 cm diameter and 30 cm length, an empty badminton shuttle cock box can also be used), cotton, polyfill and wood in 250gm each

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APP-11b39-85 To Compare the young modulus of elasticity of different speciments of rubber and also draw their elastic hystersis curves


Class XI Apparatus : Rubber-O rings of 15 to 20 cm diameter and thickness around 4 to 5 mm (pressure cooker gaskets would serve the purpose), a pair of torsion head vices such as those used to hold the drilling bits, half meter scale, wooden block, travelling block, travelling microscope, sharp razor blade or cutter, a light weight pointer etc

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APP-XI-130 Class XI-exp-30 To Find the Speed of Sound in air at room Temperature using resonnace Using Tube by two resonace position Methodes


Class XI Apparatus : Resonance tube apparatus two tuning forks of different frequenceies, a rubber pad, a beaker, one therometer, set squares and a plump line

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