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Practical Physics Class XI (11th)

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APP-11b39-38 To investigate the force of attaction between a solenoid and a bar magnet when the current through the solenoid is changed


Class XII Apparatus : A Solenoid, a beam balance, a bar-magnet, weight-box, an ammeter, key connecting wires, sandpaper, rheostat

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APP-11b39-43 To Measure the Diameter of A Small Spherical/ Cylindrical body with vernier Callipers


Class XI Apparatus : Vernier callipers, a spherical body (pendulum bod) or a cylinder

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APP-11b39-44 To Find The Volume of A Given Metallic Rectangular block by Measuring its dimensions with verniercalliperws and to check up the result by using a graduated cylinder Or To Measuring Dime


Class XI Apparatus : Metallic rectangular block, a vernier callipers, a graduated cylinder, thread, water, container

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APP-11b39-45 To Determine internal Diameter and Depth of given beaker or Calorimeter with A Vernier Callipers and hence find its Volume


Class XI Apparatus : Given beaker or calorimeter and vernier callipers

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APP-11b39-46 To Measure The diameter of a wireusing a screw gauge and ti find its volume


Class XI Apparatus : A screw gauge, metre rod, piece of wire

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APP-11b39-47 To Mesure the Thickness of a given sheet by using scrrew gauge


Class XI Apparatus : Screw gauge, given sheet (sunmica sheet or any metal sheet or any glass sheet)

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APP-11b39-48 To Measure the volume of an irregular using a Screw Gauge and Graph paper


Class XI Apparatus : Screw gauge, given irregular lamina and a graph paper

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APP-11b39-49 To Measuring Thick ness of Given Sheet using a spherometer


Class XI Apparatus : Spherometer, glass plate and glass slab

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APP-11b39-50 To measuring the radious of curvature of a given spherical surface


Class XI Apparatus : Spherometer, glass slab and a given spherical surface (e,g.a watch glass, spherical mirror or a lens, concave mirror,convex mirror, etc.) wooden blocks

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APP-11b39-51 To find the weight of a given using paralleogram law of Vectros using gravesand,s


Class XI Apparatus : Gravesand's two clamp stands , three hangers with hooks, slotted weights (standard masses), a strip of plane mirror, set squares, a drawing compass, a protractor, a sheet of paper, drawing pins, half metre scale and a plump line

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APP-11b39-52 To find the value of a g at a palce using a simple pendualm and (ii) plot l t and l t2 graphs and hence to determine ther length the length of a second's pendulum


Class XI Apparatus : A metallic bob with a hook, thread, cork divided into two halves, a clamp stand, a stop clock, a metre rod, a chalk piece or a line marker, and a vernier callipers

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APP-11b39-53 To Study the relations between force of limiting friction normal reaction and find the coefficient of friction between a block and horizontal surface


Class XI Apparatus : A wooden block having a hook on one side, a plane board fitted with glass top, (inclined plane apparatus folded) spirit level, thread. pan, mass-box, spring balance

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APP-11b39-54 To find the downward force along an inclined plane actiing on a roller dua to gravitional of the earth and study its realtions with the angle of inclination by plotting graphy between for


Class XI Apparatus : An inclined plane, roller, a pan, mass-box, a spring balance, a spirit level, a thread, a thread and a metre scale

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APP-11b39-55 To determine masses of two different objected using a physical balance


Class XI Apparatus : A physical balance, mass-box and the given objects

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APP-11b39-56 To determine young's modulus of amaterial of a given wire using searle ' App


Class XI Apparatus : Searle's apparatus, two exactly similar wires each about 2 metres in length and about 1 mm in diameter, a screw gauge, a meter rod, slotted weights, hanger

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APP-11b39-57 To Find the Speing constant of a helical spring by measuring the time period of vertical oscillactions of a known load and Check it by measurins its extension by known force


Class XI Apparatus : The given spring, a pointer, a scale, rigid support, a hanger, 8 slotted weights each of 50gram, stopwatch, wooden stand to mount the meter rod or a clamp stand

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APP-11b39-58 To Find The Sperinbg Constand of A Helical Spring from the load-extension graph


Class XI Apparatus : A helical spring, meter rod, a rigid support, wooden stand to mount the metre rod or clamp stand, pointer having a fine tip, hanger and slotted weights.

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APP-11b39-59 To Study the variation of volume of a sample of air with perassure at Constant Temperature ( By plottinbg graph betten P and 1/V)


Class XI Apparatus : Boyle's law apparatus, fortin's Barometer, thermometer, plumb line, a pair of set squares, clamp with stand

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APP-11b39-60 To determine the surface tension of water by capillary rise method


Class XI Apparatus : Capillary tubes, travelling microscope, clamp stand, a needle, thermometer, water, a glass dish, stand for glass dish and a mettalic strip

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APP-11b39-61 To Determine the co-Efficient of Viscosity of Given a Liquid by plotting a graph between terminal velocity an ssquare of the radius of a sphericval body


Class XI Apparatus : A tall cylinder about 1 m high, rubber cork a small glass tube lead shot of different sizes or steel balls of different size, stopwatch, gummed paper, metre rod, thermometer, glycerine, screw gauge and cootton thread

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APP-11b39-62 To Study the relation betwwen the frequency and length of a given wire under constant tension using a sonometer and plot a graph betweebn frequency 9n(and1/L


Class XI Apparatus : A sonometer, tuning forks of different known frequencies two knifo edges, a hanger, rubber pad, slotted weights each of 0.5 kg and a spring balance.

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APP-11b39-63 To Study the relation between length and tension for a constant frequency of a streteched string using a sonometer


Class XI Apparatus : Same as in Experiment no 20

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APP-11b39-65 To Study the Relationship between Temperature of a Hot Body 7 and Time By Plotting a Cooling Curve


Class XI Apparatus : Newton's law of cooling apparatus, two thermometers, clamp stand, stop watch, stirrer, water source of heat etc

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APP-11b39-66 To Determine the Specific Heat of savolatile liquid by the method of mistures


Class XI Apparatus : Spirit (given liquid), a copper tube, copper dust, dust, ice, a funnel, two half-degree thermometers, a calorimeter with outer jacket and a lid, a balance, a mass box, and a stopclok

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APP-11b39-67 To Determine the Specific Heat of a Solid by Method of Mixture


Class XI Apparatus : Hypsometer, calorimeter with stirrer, two C thermometer, mass box, balance and given solid (in form of pieces)

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APP-11b39-68 To Makes a Paper scale of 0.2 cm and 0.5 cm


Class XI Apparatus : Centimeter graph paper, set square, wooden strip, gum and a blade

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APP-11b39-69 To Find the least count of the given app : (i) burette (ii) Sonometer (iii) stopwatch (iv) a measuring tape


Class XI Apparatus : A burette, a thermometer, a stop-watch, measuring tape, clamp stand, a beaker and a magnifying glass

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APP-11b39-70 To Determine the mass of unknow body by using a metre scale by principal of moments


Class XI Apparatus : Uniform meter scale, known standard mass with loop of cotton thread, unknown mass suspended by a cotton loop, knife-edge

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APP-11b39-71 To Measure the Force of Limiting Frictions for Rolling of a on a Horizontal Plane


Class XI Apparatus : An inclined plane apparatus fitted with a single fixed pulley and a glass top, a metallic roller, a spring balance, mass box, a light scale pan, light cotton thread and a spirit level

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APP-11b39-72 To Study the Variation in the Range of a Jet of Water with the Angle of Projection


Class XI Apparatus : A protractor, water pipe with a nozzle, water tap and a measuring tape

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