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Entomological Insect

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Sorting Tray Entomological


For Sorting Specimens of same population for individual examination. MAde of moulded polystyrene.

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Student Plankton Net Entomological


Made of No. 12 standard silk bolting cloth, 125mesh per sq. Inch. 89cm. long net bag suspended by muslin reinforcement to a 24 cm. dia ring. Three braided leaders attached to swivel front. Tail of bag with 2cm. Opening closed by tying cloth tape for placing glass vial.

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Surber Stream Bottom Sampler Entomological


Surber Stream Bottom Sampler. 9” diameter where net collar meets net filter. 24” long from collar to filter, folds flat storage, Open base encloses area of 12”x12” (one square foot), available in 500 micron mesh, stainless steel frame for maximum corrosion resistance, includes case.

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Tissue Culture Rack Entomological


Mild Steel angle frame and shelves, powder coated painting in corrosion resistant paint. Each shelf 50”x18”, shelf to shelf distance 16”, individual ON/OFF switch for each shelf, Input 220-240V AC, 50Hz single phase, working temperature 5'C to 45'C, RH upto 90%. Lockable castor wheel for easy mobility.
Model Particulars
Ab-98-153-01 Rack fitted with 12 tubes, 6 bulbs, 3UV & Timer (4 Shelves)
Ab-98-153-02 Rack fitted with 16 tubes, 8 bulbs, 4UV & Timer (5 Shelves)
Ab-98-153-03 Rack fitted with 12 tubes (4 Shelves)
Ab-98-153-04 Rack fitted with 16 tubes (5 Shelves)
Ab-98-153-05 Rack [S.S.] fitted with 12 tubes, 6 bulbs, 3 UV & Timber (4 Shelves)
Ab-98-153-06 Rack [S.S] fitted with 16 tubes, 8 bulbs, 4 UV & Timer (5 Shelves)
Ab-98-153-07 Rack [S.S] fitted with 12 tubes (4 Shelves)
Ab-98-153-08 Rack [S.S] fitted with 16 tubes (5 Shelves)

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Trap for Fruit Flies Entomological


Conical net fixed in double rings to suspended upside down. Another double ring provided in centre with wires to suspend sweet material to attract fruit flies. Thick polythene sheet with a 8 cm hole fixed in lower ring. Optional umbrella shade can also be provided at extra cost.

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Yellow Sticky Pan Entomological


Yellow Sticky Pan

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Yellow Sticky Trap Entomological


Yellow Sticky Trap

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Zooplankton Net Entomological


AB-98-70-02 : Plankton Net. Diameter entrance : 130mm, ring dia. 180mm, includes bucket, meshes & Front demountable,
available in 4 size : 63,80,153,243

AB-98-70-03 : Spare Bag for Zooplankton Net, 80/150/250 mesh Size.

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