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Microscopic Slides Abron


75x25mm pack of 100

Plain 75 x 25 x 1 mm

pack of 50x 2 pack = 100 slide per pack

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Model DNA Helix on Stand Abron


On base demo model

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Model DNA Molecule Model Abron


DNA Model supplies the necessary Parts to construct two complete DNA- molecules The components consist of the four nucleic acid bases. These colour-coded Moulded plastic pieces are:- head so only the proper bases will fit correct complement pairing is assured Twelve pairs of bases are snapped on to a supporting rod and two stretchable rubber stands, representing phosphate, join the ends to from a complete molecule included in leatherette covered box 48, bass, strands, 2 rods and pedestals Assembled

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Model Heart Model Abron


Twice the natural size, with exceptional detail and intricate colouring The models feature life like tricuspid and mitral valves with flexible chordate tendon to illustrate the function of the values in controlling blood flow Three flags reveals the interior of the heart, and each is attached to the model by a hinge so parts won't get lost The models are mounted on a wooden stand and can be removed for close examination The Heart with coronary by pass model additional includes removable by pass grafts Both models include a key identifying structure

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Model Human Brain Model Abron


The two part model is amediameter section- the right hemisphere features the cerebellum and the stem with occipital lobe Life-size model is numbered, mounted on base, and includes a key card

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Model Human Ear Model Abron


Enlarge to twice life size dissectible in to three parts for hands-on study Both the Ossicles and labyrinth can be removed study the external, middle and internal ear with the structures shown on this model Numbered and mounted on abase, it includes a key card

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Model Human Eye Model Abron


Enlarged three times life size for in tricate details, this model features the upper half of the sclera with cornea and eye muscle attachments Both halves of chorids with iris and retina, lens and vitreous humour are removable All structures are numbered Mounted on a base, the model includes a key card size 22x13x13cm

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Model Human Torso Abron


Deluxe 24- Dual sex Torso

Removable 3-Part head

2-Part removable heart

2-removable lungs

Removable 2-part stomach

Removable 4-Gl tract

Removable kidney half

inter changeable male, female and pregnant

Reproductive inserts

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Model Kidney Model Includes Abron


Adrenal Gland Lift -sized and colour fully details This model of the kidney and adrenal gland is sectioned along the front plane It can be divided in two parts to show internal structures Including the cortex, medulla, pyramids with papillae, partially open renal pelvis, urethra and blood vessels mounted on base with stand, model includes, a key identifying structures

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Model Lung Model Abron


Full-size cut-away of right side of lung Model

shows bronchus arteries, veins 2 lymph nodes

bronchial passages and trachea bifurcation

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Model Meiosis Abron


model colour with label

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Model Mitosis Abron


model colour with label

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Model Plastic Human Skeleton Model Life Size Abron


Durable unbreakable plastic cast Hand-crafted replica is an exact reproduction of the bones of an adult male, measuring 67", the durable, un breakable plastic life-sized skeleton offers quality for any class room situation Special mounting of the rib cage helps maintain proper positioning of the skeleton Demonstrating natural movement is easy because all joints are properly wired and articulated Arms and legs are also detachable, as is the skull which can be separated in to three parts Calcium base the skull and lower jaw The lower jaw articulates by means of a spring The deluxe skull includes individual teeth Skeleton includes a roller stand and dust protection cover Washable Height life size

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Mortar and Pestle, Porcelain 130mm Abron


Unglazed inside

glazed outside

external diameter 130mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Mortar and Pestle,3 Abron


porcelain 3" diameter

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Mycobactrium Tuberculosis Slide Abron


Microscope stained slide for study

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Nickel Crucible Evaporating Dishes, Nickel 45ml Abron


Capacity 45cm 3,Diameter 16 x 60 mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Observation Tank 15x15x15cm Abron


A clear plastic chamber, internal

dimensions 15 x 15 x 15cm with a stable base

For a wide range of activities

like root growth,worm burrows etc

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Osmosis /Digestion Apparatus Abron


This apparatus is designed to make the

connection between the Visking tube and

a capillary tube simple and safe to achieve using

a specially designed plastic connector The connector

takes a 5mm capillary tube and a suitable groove is

provided so that 14mm Visking tubing can be easily

attached The apparatus is supplied as a pack of five

connectors, five 200mm x 5mm capillary tubes, rubber

sleeving and 5 meters of 14mm diameter Visking tubing

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Paramecium Cadatum Slide Abron


Microscope stained slide for study

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Petri Dishes 100mm Abron


Clear crystal glass

Diameter 100mm

Depth 15mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Petri Dishes 90mm Plastic Abron


diameter 90mm

pack of 10 plastic

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

pH Checker 1, HANNA Pen Type Abron


A lightweight pocket sized pH tester providing fast

and accurate reading on a large liquid crystal display

Ideal for checking pH values of samples in test tubes

Range 0 to 14pH, resolution 001pH, accuracy +/- 02 pH

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Photosynthesis Apparatus Abron


For measuring and analyzing gas given off by plants

such as Elodea Comprises two syringes connected to a

collecting tube via a 3-way tap The apparatus is mounted

on a backboard 240 x 100mm Capillary bore 1mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Pianaria Specimen Abron


bleached and stained slide
Microscope stained slide for study

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Pin Entomological Pack of 100 Abron


iron NP pack of 100

length 30mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Pipette Bulb 25ml Abron


Rubber for any glass pipette

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Pipette Dropping Bottles 100ml Abron


Polythene bottle, screw top and pipette with

connected tube Capacity 100cm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Pipettes Graduated 10ml Abron


C Pipettes graduated 10ml

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Pipettes Graduated 1ml Abron


A Pipettes graduated 1ml

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry
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