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Exports Physics

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Trolley Runway Abron


Designed to provide a smooth flat easily inclinable surface for dynamics experiments using-trolleys. With metal side rails and plastic feet; dimensions 2.4x0.3m

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Tuning Fork Set of 8 Abron


c (256) D(288) E(320) F(341.3)
G(384) A4(26.6) B(480) C(512) steel

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Van De Graff Generator Abron


for producing high voltage electricity for a wide array of electrostatic experiments with accessories complete

aluminium dome 18cm dia

pillar with base

rubber belt

special brushes for producing charge

with special base

with earth terminal

with terminals for charge

Thermocole dancing balls in box

fountain brush for charge

pith balls pair with stand

Whirl wheel with base (optional)

Hand operated model

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Variable Inertia Bar Abron


To demonstrate the variation in torque as inertia is varied to fit standard 13 mm retort stand

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Visual Acuity Cards Abron


To determine acuity 50mm cards & color differentiation

a-17 different color cards in set

b-Set of 12 colors

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Voltmeter Abron


Single Range (Moving iron and suitable for AC/DC.Single range 0 - 300 V)

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Water Circuit Board Abron


to show by analogy the principles of electrical flow with internal water in the tubes all fitted on base with different passages and pinch clips to stop path with metallic tank and base to be used with electric water pump

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Wave Form Helix (slinky) Abron


Length 115mm to 5m extended A.78mm dia metalli

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Weighting Set Abron


Comprising masses of Steel (hexagonal) Iron 1x1kg; 1x500g; 1x200g. Brass (cylindrical)2x100g; 1x50g; 1x20g 2x10g

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Wire Helix, Slinky Abron


Flat-section steel wire in helical coil, diameter 75mm.) length 55 mm

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