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Exports Physics

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Micrometer Screw Gauge Abron


made of nickel plated brass, with ratchet top, accurately machined stainless steel rod. Range 0-25 mm x 0.01mm, supplied with plastic case

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Microphone Crystal for Use with Oscilloscope Abron


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Multimeter, Analogue Abron


voltage 0.1V to 1000V-dc.current 50mA to 10A a.c.voltage 10V to 1000V a.c.current 10A Supplied complete with test leads, dry cells and instructions.) ABRON SANYO

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Mumetal Abron


300 x 0.7mm wire type approx

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Needle Stand Abron


For magnetic needles with plastic base metal pillar supporting a steel needle pivot overall height of stand 110mm

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Newton Meters Dynamometers Abron


Newton Meters (Dynamometers) in metal case with zero adjustment handle and hook Spring balance

a. 0-1NX0.01N

b. 0-10NX0.1N

c. 0-20NX1N


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Newtons Colour Disc Abron


Comprising a disc with the colours of the spectrum, mounted on metal stand and driven by belt with the help of driving wheel, fitted with a handle, individually packed

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Nichrome Wire Abron


bare 22 SWG reel or 125 g

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Nichrome Wire Bare 22 SWG Reel of 125g Abron


Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Oil Film Apparatuses Abron


With trays levelling device, grate oils and materials with Perspex tray. Petri dish and oil square and round part- with wire & handle for creating film

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Optical Kit for Ray Box Abron


containing all accessories required for student investigations

of lenses and simple optical instruments

like lens concave convex prism etc

use with light box 220V operated bulb and slits etc

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Optional Ray Box Abron


Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Overhead Projector 24v 250 Watts Helogen Bulb Abron


24v 250watt helogen bulg with 10 inch transperancy sheet projection with focusing head with-lens and reflector for screen in box with variable light as above 220v oparets 50 hz transformer-model AV-II

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Perspex Optical Accessories Abron


a-Perspex blocks 19mm thick rectangular, 114 x 73mm

b-Triangular (60 degrees), 76x76x76mm Perspex

c-Triangular (30, 60, 90 degrees) Perspex

d-Circular 98mm Perspex

e-Semicircular 98mm Perspex

f-Biconcave 140 x 178mm Perspex

g-Biconvex 140 x 178mm Perspex

h-Biconcave 140 x 98mm Perspex

I-Biconvex 140 x 98mm Perspex

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Perspex Prism Abron


60 x 90 degrees triangular blocks,

equilateral sides length of 76mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Perspex Prism Abron


90 x 45 x 45 degree triangular block side length 108x76mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Pin Hole Camera Kit Abron


Comprising: cardboard box with hole, screen and lid; black sheets of paper;1 65W carbon filament lamp; 1 mounted lamp-holder with flex; 1 packet of pins

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Plane Mirrors 15x 15cm Abron


Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Plane Mirrors, Glass, Unmounted Abron


Back silvered, with protective coating, size 7.5x2.5 mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Plastic Waves Abron


(wave length 80mm on perspex strip 1.5m long)

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Plotting Compass Abron


Marked in degree with N and S indications. With needle pivoted between two glass faces or one glass face only in aluminium or brass case,diameter: 25, 38, or 50 mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Polyethene Strip Abron


low density (For producing negative charge relative to cellulose acetate when rubbed by a woolen rubber. Size 250x25x4.5mm)

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Potassium Magnate (VII) Abron


Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Power Supply Abron


0 - 25 V AC / 0 - 30 V DC (Provides a continuously variable voltage.The DC out utis full wave rectified and smoothed.A front panel mounted meter is used to monitor the voltage output.Mains input 220 - 240V; Voltage output 0 - 25 V AC, 0 - 30 Volts DC.Current output is 10 A for AC and 8 A for DC. An output fuse for both AC and DC 250 V3A and 250 V/10A, respectively

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Prism Abron


Extra dense hollow glass optically worked, equilateral 50 x 50mm side depth 35mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Prism, Glass Abron


Clear glass, polished faces 60o x 60o x 60o, length x face = 25x25mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Prism, Glass Abron


Clear glass, polished faces 90o x 45o x45o, length x face= 35x25 mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Protractor Abron


Half circle, graduated in degrees to 180o in both directions, figured every 10o. Base with handle 15 Set of springs (An assortment of compression and extension springs

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Pulleys, Aluminium Abron


Pulleys, Aluminium,

51 mm with bracket / hook

a.Tripple Sheave, With Hooks

b.Three in Line With, Hooks

c.Single, on Clamp for table

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Pump for Water Circuit Abron


operating on 12 V with fitting on above

or 220v operated

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry
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