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Fractional HP Motor Abron


Mounted is fitted with a triple pulley, shunt wound motor operating from 12V DC supply (50w, 3000 rpm)

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Free Fall Apparatus Abron


To determine acceleration due to gravity complete with 1 meter long steel rod with heavy base with levelling screw and free fall setup fo holding steel ball with ON/OFF switch .

b-Optional power supply

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Free Fall in Vacuum Abron


Guinea and feather) A glass tube fitted with two rubber bungs and

tube for connection to-a vacuum pump

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Friction Board Apparatus Abron


Wooden friction board 490x75x20mm, a wooden slider with hook 140x70x20mm, a plain aluminium slider with rubber backing

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Galvanometer 10 S Abron


(A center zero moving coil galvanometer 3.5mA-0-3.5mA, graduated every 0.1mA. resistance of the meter is about 10 S)

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Galvanometer Abron


35-0-35mv MCDC moving coil

in desk stand with locking terminals

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Gauze, Iron Abron


Square, 20 mesh, 125 mm side

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Generator Model Electric Generator Abron


An ideal way to show an important induction, Application, Induction, the hand cranked rotor spins through an array of permanent magnets. The glowing of the included light bulb is its own reward, but other effcts are possible using a frosted tungsten lamp, the brightness of the lamp reflects the amount of current or substitute aneon glow lamp to see the alternative current case the lamp electrods to flash on and off alternately size 20x13cm base

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Generator Unit Abron


with small motor and pully

20mm diameter capable of driving a motor

operating at 4-6 v.d.c. as a dynamo

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Glass Prisms Abron


Clear Short prisms for index of Refraction and Dispersion. Equilateral prisms are clear with-long sides for refraetive index measurements trapezoidal prisms have afrosted base to show ray paths in side the prism

Glass Right angle prism 80mm x 115mm sides

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Glass Syringe Assembly Abron


For volume changes on boiling, 100cm3 plus accessories

complete with cork, borosilicate glass tube

and steam inlet & outlet tube and glass syringe

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Hand Driven Generator Unit Abron


For demonstrating the variation of electrical output of a dynamo with its rate of rotation and the way in which the electrical load connected to it affects the amount of work required to drive it

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Hand Stroboscope Abron


a-wooden / metal cut

with handle hand with slits

to study stroboscope effect

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Hollow Prisim Abron


60 x 60 x 60 plate type

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Hollow Prisms 60x 60x60 Abron


Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Hooks Abron


For attaching to cords in experiments involving the lifting of masses, etc; pack of 10; Assorted

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Horse Shoe Magnet, Simple 250mm Abron


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Immersion Heater for Calorimeter Block Abron


12v 50w to fit block aluminium block

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Inclined Plane & Friction Board Abron


A planed board, 600x75mm hinged to the base at one end and provided with a pulley for the- force cord at the other. The friction slider,100x65mm reversible with one side cut away for half its area.Complete with brass roller 75x25mm diameter.Without masses or scale pan

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Inclined Plane, Simple Abron


hinged hard wood with aluminium pulley

with thick wood and sunmica top with roller &pan

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Inertia Balance (wig-wag) Abron


To explain the meaning of inertia mass with three removable masses, front and back trays and side to strips to be used.
b-optional G-clamp for fixing on table

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Iron Fillings in Sprinkler Pot Abron


(Iron fillings pre-packed in cardboard ‘sprinkler pots

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Kinetic Motion Abron


simulator complete with perspex tube, and thermocole with motor on base 6/12V operated complete with motor on base etc

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Kinetic Theory Model Abron


Plastic (Perspex) tube with thermo Cole balls & cap to be used with built in small motor cell operated and wooden stand

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Lamps Abron



a-6v 5W

b-12V 5W

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Lamps Festoon Type Abron


a-12V, 6W (11mm length)

b-6V, 3W (7mm length)

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Lamps for Dry Cell Battery Abron


1.5 v

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Large Gyroscope Abron


Mounted on heavy base and gyroscope with thread

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Lens Holder Abron


2 (d = 38 mm) (Comprising a metal holder with sides grooved to hold the lens or mirror.

Free standing for bench use

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Lenses Abron


Double convex, spherical) Optically worked, ground edges refractive index 1.52 Diameter 38, Focus 50 mm, power + 20 D, pack of 5

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