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Demonstration Wave Machine Kit Abron


Demonstrates the formation of transverse waves, a kit of 80 wooden rods, 300x8mm, length x diameter, suspension cords, a piar of handles, spacers and a supply of high tensile cord

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Demountable Transformer Abron


laminated core and pole pieces

with dissetable on base

with two coils adapting space

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Digital Beam Balance 500gm x 100mg Abron


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Digital Caliper to Measure Expansion Abron


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Digital Timer Centi Second Abron


dual with LED output accuracy 0.01 sec with start button to be attached with time gates same item has been quoted as item 86 of physics which is used in different experiments along with above gates

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Dip Needles Abron


cobalt steel on rotatable graduated marked in quadrant with base

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Displacement Vessel Abron


metal vessel,medium size for class demonstration with spout, for specific gravity experiment.

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Double Pulley Wooden Abron



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Dynamics Trolley Abron


It consists of a rectangular body carried upon three low-friction wheels and is supplied with-one strong spring plunger and three dowel pegs. Dimensions 290x140x90mm.Mass 0.87kg

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Ebonite Rod Abron


apporx length is 300 mm and diameter =12-15 mm

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Economy Thermometer Abron


(calibrated -30 to +50cC, -20 to +120oF)

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Elastic Material Kit Contents Suggested Abron


5-steel springs (max load 5kg)

1-reel of copper wire 32 SWG 50g

1-reel of copper wire 26 SWG 50 g

1-value rubber tubing 50cm

2-soft erasers

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Electric Bell Abron


Twin coil; or transformer operation; 3V to 8V a.c.Consumption 0.5A approx. at 8V

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Electric Bell Basic Component Abron


for All electric Lab:-. Simple and rugged its ideal for a wide range of experiments includes sturdy pressed steel box. Pivoted armature double coil and nickel-plated gong.Total length 16cm, supply 3-6v for 2-4drycells or 0-6VAC/DC Power-Sorce

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Electric Bell Buzzer Abron


minature type 4-6V ac/dc

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Electric Fields Apparatus Abron


with perspex base with feet and two terminals for connecting one big ring metal wire and one small ring metal wire and two wire angled for replacing rings for different experiments complete with petri dish

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Electric Motor for Kinetic Model Abron


as above fitted inside apparatus

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Electrical Components Abron


accessories as item already supplied complete electronic circuit board,different resistances

LED, transistor, diode, rectifier, speaker, cell holder, wires, crocodile clips, bulbs, bulb holders, buzzer etc and 25 experiment booklet

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Electrical Components and Accessories Abron


The kit will have basic spring system easy to make Electric Circuit for Bulb,Motor etc. It will have the following Accessoires:-

1-Cell Holder (2 Cells)-1Set

2-Bulbs 2.5Volt-2Pc

3-Bulb Holders-2Pc

4-Crocodile Clips-2Pc

5-On/Off switches-2Pc

6-Speaker small-1Pc

7-Board with Spring connectors–1Pc

8-Electric Wire to Cell Holder-1Set

9-Hook-up wire for connections-1Set


11-Small Motor-1No.


13-Screw Driver-1Set

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Electromagnet U-Form Abron


Comprising U-shaped core made of steel, winded with insulated or enameled copper wire;A current of 5A in the windings, a force of 20N is required to pull the armature away from the core, maximum current up to 8A. For use on 4 - 6 volts DC

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Electrostatic Kit, Malvern Abron


The kit comprising: 1 electroscope with top plate and hook electrode 1 packet of gold leaves and detailed instruction for fixing.4 metallised polystyrene spheres 1 reel of very fine nylon thread 2 polythene plates1electrophorus plate with an insulating handle 2 aluminium cylinders1cellulose acetate strip1polythene strip1set of instructions 1 cotton rubber 1 stirrup for suspending strips

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Energy Conversion Units Model Abron


a-Energy Unit

b-Spring unit Model

c-Steam engine unit Model

d-Hand driven AC/DC generator motor

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Energy Conversion Units Model DC Hand Generator Abron


Demo model to show working of Generator DC

or AC DC with small motor belt and wheal

hand operated

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Energy Conversion Units Spring Unit Model Abron


spring unit

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Energy Conversion Units Steam Engine Model Abron


stem engine working model

works with actual speam produced working system demo

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Expansion Apparatus Abron


Simple version to permit comparisons for common metals with steam tube linear expansion apparatus venire on one side with terminals to check the continuity by galvanometer (optional)

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First Aid Kit, Outdoor Abron


With triangular bandages; gauze swabs large dressing; medium dressing; stayform bandage; micropore tape; primapore;assorted plasters; anticeptic wipes; eyepads; assorted safety pins; life aid resuscitation aid; pair tuff cut scissors

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Flashlamp Bulbs Abron


round Suitable for flashlamps, spotlights and panel lamps, etc. supplied in packs of ten.

(4.5 V , 0.3 A, pack of 10)

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Fluid Pressure Apparatus Abron


Spouting cylinder) a solid metal cylinder with three equal size orifices at different heights down one side

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Foot Pump and Adaptor for Boyls Law Abron


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