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Chemistry Laboratory

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Maker Burner Heavy


Brass tube nickelled cast iron painted base.
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Measuring Tape Metallic with Case


AC-616-Q 10Meter
AC-616-R 15Meter
AC-616-S 30Meter
AC-616-T Measuring Tape Pocket steel ‘ABRON’3 Meter
AC-616-U 2 Meter

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Meter Scale


Having scale in cm and mm On both sides
AC-616-A wooden 50cm
AC-616-B wooden 100cm
AC-616-G Meter Scale Metal 50cm
AC-616-H Meter Scale Metal 100cm
AC-616-M Meter Scale Plastic 30cm`
AC-616-N Meter Scale Plastic 50cm

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Moisture Meter 'Abron' Analogue


A Agro Testing Analog 20-100% AC-279-A The most versatile instrument for the measurement of Moisture content in Grains, Seeds and Pulses. Operatable on 220 V 50 Hz and Battery. The instruments is made to operate very easily and takes less than a minute to complete the test. rugged in construction, aluminum casted and the electrical unit is contained in. the bevel gear mechanism is of best steel. The whole instrument is protected in wooden box.

Specification :

Measuring Range





40 x 32 x 17 cm


19.5 Kg. without wooden cover.

Power Supply

4 Battery Cells or 220 V 50 Hz

NOTE : The instrument is approved by food corporation of India Central Ware Housing Corporation, Food Supply Department & Other Agriculture Institutions.

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Moisture Meter 'Abron' Digital for food grain


B 'Abron' Micro controller based Universal type, with rugged mechanical construction, accurate moisture content is direct readable on 3 digit L.E.D. display. temperature and conductive result are automatically compensated for final moisture percentage reading. No conversion table is needed
Specification :
Range 8-40%
Accuracy 0.2%
Dimension 29.5 x 17 x 19.5 cm
Main Featurers
  • Easy operation, press and take reading
  • Direct Reading on digital display
  • No Adjustment
    Results Consistent

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Moisture Meter For Soil Model


The instrument is for detecting saturation percentage of water in soil. It is workable on 9 V Battery 3.5 Digit display. Complete with 20 cm electrode and wooden box
Specification :
Range 0-100 Saturation %
Accuracy 0.5%
Dimention 22 x 10 x 10cm.
Operation Battery 9V
Electrode Size 20 Cm.
Display L.C.D 3.5 Digit

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Mortuary Chamber for single double body cooler By Abron


Temp. 5' to 20C having Heat/cooling arrangement
Construction- Double walled having Heavy Campressure
Body- Outer chamber made of M.S. Steel, Inner Chamber Stainless Steel
Temperature- 5 C to 30' C with cooling arrangement.
Accuracy- 0.50 C with Digital.
Motor- One for cooling.
Working- On 220V AC.50Hz single phase
Thermostate- Digital temperature control
AH-362-A Mortuary Chamber By Abron
Capacity Single body
AH-362-B Mortuary Chamber By Abron
Capacity Two body
AH-385-DOV Special Digital Controller

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