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Egg Incubator Shaker By Abron


WITH GLASS WINDOW TEMPERATURE 5’C above Room temperature to 60C + 1C
SPECIFICATIONS : with shaking tray tilting
Outer Body : Outer steel powder coated Double Walled
Inner Chamber : Aluminium sheet
Sheet Heaters : NICHROME
Shelves : TWO performated
Operates : 220V AC 50 Hz
Temperature : 5 ‘ above room temperature Say TO 80 C
Accuracy : 20 C
Thermometer : L SHAPE MERCURY/ Digital
Heat Switch : 3 Way Rotary.
Airwent : Closable.
Base has shaker with high and low shaking

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Electric Burner By Abron


Heating chamber small for crucible small wire wrapped for quick heating to
very high temperature All stainless steel body and lid With jewel light with Energy Regulator

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Electrophoresis Apparatus Horizontal kot


  • Technique of zone electrophoresis in poly acrylamide get columns. Complete with all necessary parts comprising :-
    • Lower buffer reservoir having lower electrode assembly, platinum electrode, upper buffer reservoir for holding 8gels, lid electrode, complete apparatus is made of imported acrylic material.
    • polythene closure for retaining gel in running tube during filling and polymerisation operation
    • Running tube grommets made of special quality rubber for tightly holding tube in upper buffer reservoir.
    • Synthetic rubber bungs for sealing of hol in upper buffer reservoir when less than the maximum number of gets are beingrun.1 pkt. of 10
    • Glass or plastic syringe 5 ml. With needle for preparation of gel in running tubes. 2 no
    • Tubes stand made of Perspex for 10tubes.1 Nos.
    • Stabilised D.C. Power Supply : For three electrophoresis 0-300 V and 100 mA. Complete set of above.

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Electrophoresis Apparatus Paper Strip


The electrophoresis cabinet is made of clear transparent plastic (Perspex sheet) 16" long, 91/2 with, 41/4" high and effective width i.e. maximum usable width of paper carrier 71/4". The upper surface of the platform which supports the paper strip carrier and the electrode troughs are finished with black surfaces for contrast. A recessed safety inter lock switch breaks the current to both electrode troughs have a capacity of 550 ml. each and provided with two transverse baffles of minimize diffusion of buffer in electrode section of trough with buffer is in contact with end of paper strips. The paltry of the electrode is indicated by two pilot lamps fitted with levelling screws to facilitate levelling. supplied complete with cord and terminals connecting to the power supply, stabilised D.C. Power supply unit 0-300 volts and 100 mA. is provided with apparatus. Stabilised D.C. Power Supply Unit
0-300 volts and 100 mA for electrophoresis apparatus.
Digital D.C. Power Supply Unit
0-300 volts and 100 mA for electrophoresis apparatus.
Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus
This unit is based on dosage German portion having moveable applicator with in in built thickness arrangement between 0 to 2 mm. Model CH 9 has the following components
  • Spreader (Applicator) made of electroplated brass.
  • Perspex Bass size 114 x 23 cm. to support 5 glass plates of size 20 x 20 cm. and 2 plates of 20 x 5 cm.
  • Plate Rack Aluminium for ten 20 x 20 cm. Plates.
  • Spotting Ten plate Perspex
  • Developing Tank with Lid
  • T.L.C. plates set 20 x 20 cm. or 20 x 10 cm.>
  • Micro-Pipette
  • Scriber for marking lines
  • Glass sprayer with rubber bellow
  • Instruction manual
Thin Layer Chromatography Apparatus Sheet packet Whatman

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Electrophoresis Apparatus Vertical Gel Slab Migration Apparatus


For 160 x 200 mm. Glass plates, spaces, sample chamber, casting comb, full length platinum wire etc. with power supply and perspex chamber vertical
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Electrophoresis Apparatus with power supply


Comprising walled migration cell made of white Perspex, outer chamber is provided with inlets and outlets for circulation of cold water. Inner chamber is the buffer chamber fitted with electrodes, with a clear transparent top lid fitted with a handle, a special Perspex carrier is supplied as micro immunological accessory which permits simultaneous studies on eight 3" x 1" standard anger coated micro slides. complete with plug, terminals and cables WITH power pack
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Electrophoresis chamber Vertical Gel Slab


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English Gramer Through Picture Paper Laminated 50 x 70 cms with Roller


Laminated Paper Multicolour Offset Printed with Roller (50 x 70 cms)

Available in Full Sets as below or individual any one also.

EG 1 Chart English Gramer Sentense 50x70 cms
EG 2 Chart English Gramer Nouns 50x70 cms
EG 3 Chart English Gramer Nouns Gender 50x70 cms
EG 4 Chart English Gramer Nouns Number 50x70 cms
EG 5 Chart English Gramer Nouns Case 50x70 cms
EG 6 Chart English Gramer Conjuction 50x70 cms
EG 7 Chart English Gramer Pronoun I 50x70 cms
EG 8 Chart English Gramer Pronoun Ii 50x70 cms
EG 9 Chart English Gramer Adjective I 50x70 cms
EG 10 Chart English Gramer Adjective Ii 50x70 cms
EG 11 Chart English Gramer Adjective Iii 50x70 cms
EG 12 Chart English Gramer Articles 50x70 cms
EG 13 Chart English Gramer Verbs 50x70 cms
EG 14 Chart English Gramer Verbs Mood 50x70 cms
EG 15 Chart English Gramer Tense Present Tense 50x70 cms
EG 16 Chart English Gramer Tense Past Tense 50x70 cms
EG 17 Chart English Gramer Tense Future Tense 50x70 cms
EG 18 Chart English Gramer Preposition 50x70 cms
EG 19 Chart English Gramer Adverb I 50x70 cms
EG 20 Chart English Gramer Adverb Ii 50x70 cms

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