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Physics Instruments

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Z Pulley for Parallelogram Law of Forces App Set Abron


Z Pulley with aluminium with screw

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Zeeman Effect APP. with Prism


e/m by Zeeman’s Effect Apparatus
The apparatus consists of the following items
(i) Constant deviation spectrograph-1 No.
Calibration range:4000-A-7000 A 10A
(ii) Constant deviation spectrograph prism (μ= 1.71)-1 No.
(iii) Fabry-Perot Etalon.Clear aperture: 25 mm-1 No.
(iv)Micrometer eyepiece.Measuring Range: 25 mm; LC: 0.01mm-1 No.
(v) Electromagnet having field strength 10 kilo Gauss at 10 mm gap between its pole-1 No.
(vi)Constant current Power supply for above electromagnet-1No.
(vii) Neon discharge tubes-2 Nos.
(viii) Wooden stand with clamp for holding discharge tube-1 No.
(ix) High voltage transformer to run the above discharge tubes-1 No.
(x) Digital Gauss meter with probe 1 No

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Zinc Plate

Zinc Plate Size Qty.
Made from Pure Zinc
Sheet with Brass Nut
& Terminal
150 mm x 50mm,(6" x 2") 22 Swg P.Doz.
150 mm x 50mm,(6" x 2") 24 Swg P.Doz.
150 mm x 50 mm,(6" x 1") 24 Swg P.Doz.

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Zinc Rods

Zinc Rods Size Qty.
99.5 % Pure Made from
Pure Zinc with Screw
Nut & Terminal
9 mm x 14 cm P.Doz.
9 mm x 15 cm P.Doz.
10 mm x 15 cm P.Doz.
12 mm x 15 cm P.Doz.
12 mm x 16 cm P.Doz.

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Zinc Wire

Zinc Wire Size Qty.
99.5 % 3 mm x 12mm P.Doz..

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