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Entomological Insect

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Malasie Trap Entomological


Designed to efficiently trap a wide range of flying insects. Black polyester no-see-um fabric (96 x 26 mesh / square inch) for interception area and white mesh fabric for canopy, catches minute insects, including parasitic wasps. The interception area, i.e., the central panel is 165x110cm. By placing collection tray underneath the interception area, it can be used as window trap to collect the insects/beetles which drop or fly down after hitting an obstruction. The trap is equipped with one 500ml collecting bottle with screw cap. Provided with tent pegs, guy ropes and support poles.

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Mating Cage


Similar to animal cage but with centre divider. Can be converted into a single cage by removing the centre divider. Separate door and feeding bottle and check.

Size : 45x30x30cm.

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Mosquito Breeder Entomological


Two Plastic jars joined with screwing caps. Funnel provided upside down on upper jar. Water with mosquito larvae placed in bottom jar and emerging adults fly into the upper portion. Mesh hole provided on top for respiration.

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Moth Breeding Cage Entomological


Round Shape. A fine mesh cage for rearing moth. The cage can be fitted over a potted plant. Larvae feed on fresh leaves.

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Mountaineering Tent Entomological


Made of best quality, weather proof fiber, provided with fixing poles & rops.
Model Particulars
Ab-98-72-09 for 2 Persons
Ab-98-72-10 for 4 Persons

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