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Entomological Insect

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Chromatography Cabinet Entomological


Made of teakwood with glass on four sides and on top. Internal surface wax coated for solvent resistance. Hinged top provided with rubber gasket for air tight closing. Window with air tight door in lower portion. Heavy castors provided for easy movement. Nicely polished. Supplied with two stainless steel troughs and 4/6 glass rods.

Models Particulars
RP-155-01 For 6 Filter Papers of 57x68 cm Size
RP-155-02 For 4 Filter Papers of 46x57 cm Size
RP-155-03 For 4 Filter Papers of 34x29 cm Size

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Chrysopa Breeding Nest Entomological


Teakwood frame with silk screen net on sides and collapsible cover on side. Cover can be fixed in position with help of lever. Top sliding plank of MDF covered with black cloth from inside and spirit polished from outside. A sapre plank supplied for replacement. Combs for removal of insect from plank. Beautiful spirit polish finish. Size 60x60x30cm.

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Corcyra Cage Entomological


Made of MDF/Waterprrof plywood planks. Top lids fits well in the main box and detachable. Lid provided with 20mesh iron wire mesh on both sides secured with beeding. Provided with handle on side. Well Finished.






38x38x10cm.(Waterproof Plywood)

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Corcyra Egg Laying Cage Entomological


Frame made of MDF sheet planks. Fine wire mesh provided on top and bottom fitted with 3mm dia hole wire mesh on one top, a rounded opening 3cm dia is provided which can be closed with wooden plug. On one side a rounded opening 11cm with an arrangement for drop clouser with the help of MDF sheet cover is provided for manually putting in/taking out the material. Size 35x25x18cm.

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Corcyra Egg Sterilization Chamber


The Sterilization Chamber is used to sterilize Corcyraeggs before they are used for parasitisation by Trichogrmmaspp. However, it can also used for UV sterilization of laboratory matirial like glassware, plastic ware, clothes, cotton etc. The period of exposure to the UV light is set using timer. Since the chamber is made up of matel there is no radiation exposure to the worker.

For Sterilization of the Corcyra Eggs :

  1. Glue the Corcyra eggs on post-card size cards. Ensure that glue film is thin enough so that the eggs are not immersed in it but just stick by a small contact with the card.
  2. Allow the glue to dry.
  3. Arrange cards in the semi-circular drawer in channel.
  4. Close the drawer and set the timer for a required period of time.
  5. Switch on the UV-C light provided in the ceiling of the chamber. The light will be switched off on its own after the set time. (Please check these point if they are according to the timer you are using.)
  6. In the meanwhile cards in the second drawer can be arranged.
  • AB-198-170c 150 cards
  • AB-198-170b 100 cards
  • AB-198-170a 50 card

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Corcyra Rearing System Entomological


Fabricated of iron angle frame. For keeping crushed jowar, 13 Nos. of mild steel trays of size 45x45x5cm. Funnel shaped tray at the bottom for taking insect to the collection container. Beautifully painted. Transparent polythene sheet and black colour rexian cloth for covering the structure.

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Curator Block Entomological


Hardwood block with provision for keeping insect pins, labels, points and other small tools. Bottom section having holes for pins and block section has holes for forceps, scissors etc.

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