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Valley Ball Abron


made of leather
official size weight no 4

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Valley Ball Net Abron


made of synthetic

trade height 1.10m

length 9.5m

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Van De Graff Generator Abron


for producing high voltage electricity for a wide array of electrostatic experiments with accessories complete

aluminium dome 18cm dia

pillar with base

rubber belt

special brushes for producing charge

with special base

with earth terminal

with terminals for charge

Thermocole dancing balls in box

fountain brush for charge

pith balls pair with stand

Whirl wheel with base (optional)

Hand operated model

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Variable Inertia Bar Abron


To demonstrate the variation in torque as inertia is varied to fit standard 13 mm retort stand

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Vice Abron


Max. opening 65mm Steel with table holes

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Visking Tube for Osmosis /Digestion Apparatus Abron


Glass tube

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Visual Acuity Cards Abron


To determine acuity 50mm cards & color differentiation

a-17 different color cards in set

b-Set of 12 colors

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Volta Meter Carbon Electrodes Abron


Mounted in rubber stopper,Overall length,84mm

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Volta Meter Platinum Electrodes Abron


(mounted in rubber stopper. Length; 84mm)

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Volta Meter Support Clamps Abron


set of two clamps for supporting volta meter

Fitted with rods (75 x 10mm, length x diameter)

for laboratory stands

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Volta Meters Electrodes 100x5mm Pack Abron


Electrodes, carbon rod,

100x 5 mm pack of 50

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Voltameter, Hoffmanns Abrosil Abron


for the demonstration of the chemical composition of water by volume and the

electrochemical equivalent of hydrogen by electrolysis of water. Platinium electrodes mounted in rubber stoppers are used for the electrolysis of acidified water but carbon electrodes must be used fro ammonia solutions or

hydrochloric acid (or any other chloride-containing solution).Stopcock and reservoir at apex of outer tubes and inner tube respectively. Outer limbs graduated 50cm x 2cm.Overall height; 720mm, width; 87mm,reservoir capacity; 200cm; complete with one pair of platinum and carbon electrodes. Supplied without clamps or stand

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Voltameters Electrolysis Cells 75x25mm Pack Abron


Glass cylinder

75 x 25 mm (1x dia)

For use on 6V dc pack of 3

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Voltmeter Abron


Single Range (Moving iron and suitable for AC/DC.Single range 0 - 300 V)

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Voltmeter, ACDC Abron


Moving Iron:

Moving iron, AC/DC.

Range; 0 to 25V

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry

Volvox, WM Abron


with daughter colonies slide

Microscope stained slide for study

Price : Rs 0 eachSend Enquiry
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