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Genetics Human Charts Polyart 75 x 100 cms with Roller


Multicolour Offset Printed on Polyart Synthetic Sheet 75 x 100cm (30 x 40 Inch) with Roller.

Available in Full Sets as below or individual any one also.

ACP2101 Monohybrid crossing complete dominance 75x100 cms
ACP2102 Monohybrid crossing incomplete dominance 75x100 cms
ACP2103 Dihybrid Crossing 75x100 cms
ACP2104 Monohybrid Crossing 75x100 cms
ACP2105 Mendelian Explanation of cross between tall & Dwarf Races in garden pea 75x100 cms
ACP2106 Sex Linked inheritance in drosophila 75x100 cms
ACP2107 Mendelian Heridity of blue & Adulsian Fowls of Red & white flowering in 4’o clock 75x100 cms
ACP2108 Mendelian Explanation of breeding behavior 75x100 cms

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Geography Astronomy Charts Paper Laminated 70 x 100 cms with Roller


Laminated Paper Multicolour Offset Printed with Roller (70 x 100 cms)

Available in Full Sets as below or individual any one also.

ACP3501 Chart Our Universe Heavenly Bodies 70x100 cms
ACP3502 Chart Earth And Its Motion 70x100 cms
ACP3503 Chart Rocks And Soils 70x100 cms
ACP3504 Chart Atmosphere And Climate 70x100 cms
ACP3505 Chart Stroms And Ocean Currents 70x100 cms
ACP3506 Chart Structure Of Earth 70x100 cms
ACP3507 Chart Solar System 70x100 cms
ACP3508 Chart Surveying 70x100 cms
ACP3509 Chart Conventional Signs 70x100 cms
ACP3510 Chart Weather Map Symbols 70x100 cms
ACP3511 Chart Map Projection 70x100 cms
ACP3512 Chart Pressure And Winds 70x100 cms
ACP3513 Chart Geograhycal Phenomena 70x100 cms
ACP3514 Chart Flags Of All Nation 70x100 cms

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Geographycal Charts Small Paper Laminated 50 x 70 cms with Roller


Laminated Paper Multicolour Offset Printed with Roller (50 x 70 cms)

Available in Full Sets as below or individual any one also.

ACP3515 Chart Phases Of Moon HE , G 50x70 cms
ACP3516 Chart Eclipses He, G,M,K 50x70 cms
ACP3517 Chart The Season HE, M 50x70 cms
ACP3518 Chart Springs And Neap Tides HE,M ,K 50x70 cms
ACP3519 Chart Day & Night HE 50x70 cms
ACP3520 Chart Natural Wealth On Earth HE 50x70 cms
ACP3521 Chart The Sun And The Planets Solar System HE 50x70 cms
ACP3522 Chart Clouds And Weather HE,K 50x70 cms
ACP3523 Chart Earth Is Round HE 50x70 cms
ACP3524 Chart Physical Feature Of Earth HE 50x70 cms
ACP3525 Chart Atmosphere And Its Evolution HE 50x70 cms
ACP3526 Chart Structure Of The Earth HE 50x70 cms
ACP3527 Chart Zones Of Earth HE 50x70 cms
ACP3528 Chart Mapping Of World HE,K Longitude And Lagitude Projection 50x70 cms
ACP3529 Chart Mountain Buildinghe 50x70 cms
ACP3530 Chart Climate Elements Of Climate And Factor Affecting Them HE 50x70 cms
ACP3531 Chart Denudation I Weathering HE 50x70 cms
ACP3532 Chart Denudation II Mass Movement And Erosion HE 50x70 cms
ACP3533 Chart Water Cycle HE 50x70 cms
ACP3534 Chart Sunlight Rainbow Colour HE 50x70 cms
ACP3535 Chart Direction And How To Find Them HE 50x70 cms
ACP3536 Chart Weather And Metrology Instruments HE 50x70 cms
ACP3537 Chart Volcano He 50x70 cms
ACP3538 Chart Earthquake He 50x70 cms
ACP3539 Chart Glacier River Of Ice HE 50x70 cms
ACP3540 Chart Ground Wear Geycer Sspring And Artecian Well H,E 50x70 cms
ACP3541 Chart Karts Landscape Stalactites And Stalagmites H,E 50x70 cms
ACP3542 Chart Types Of Rocks 50x70 cms
ACP3543 Chart Ocean And Current HE,K 50x70 cms
ACP3544 Chart Stroms Cyclones And Anticyclones HE,K 50x70 cms

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