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UJT Curve characteristics Apparatus 2 meter


UJT Curve characteristics Apparatus 4 meter

A. with power supply 2 Meters

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UJT Curve characteristics Apparatus 3 meter


UJT Curve characteristics

B. with power supply 4 Meters

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Ultrasonic Diffraction Apparatus


The instrument is designed to give accurate and best results keeping in view the various difficulties faced by the institutions. A proper R. F. Oscillator is designed for this experiment and special type of High Resolving Spectrometer with Micrometer Eyepiece in manufactured for this experiment. It is fully tested and nice fringes are formed with the help of R. F. Oscillator.
Specifications R. F. Oscillator
Input : 230 Volts AC 50 c/s
Frequency : 2.5 - 6.5 Mc/s calibrated for different set of crystal frequencies and is continuously variable.
R. F. Output : The output is brought out on the terminals. Built-in a nicely polished box with ON / OFF switch, jewel light etc.
Leads : Connecting leads are provided with the instrument.

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Ultrasonic Interferometer


Salient Features :

(i) It is simple in design, rugged and gives very accurate and reproducible results.

(ii) Experiments may be performed over a wide range of temprature from -30oC to +80oC on all liquids excep those which reacts with the plating of cell and crystal.

(iii) Nearly 12cc of experimental liquid is required.

(iv) There is no danger of any change, such as deploymetisation, due to ultrasonic energy.

Model :

* F-80 : Frequency 2 MHz, Accuracy + 0.3% suitable for M.Sc. Lab. Experiments.

* F-81 : Frequency 2 MHz, Accuracy + 0.03% suitable for Research Work.

* M-81 : Operates at 4 frequencies (1 to 4MHz). Accuracy + 0.03%.

* M-82 : Operates at 8 frequencies (1 to 8 MHz). Accuracy + 0.03%.

* M-83 : Operates at 10 frequencies ( 1 to 10 MHz). Accuracy + 0.03%.

An Electronic charge on a drop of oil can be calculated by this apparatus.
Principle :
An oil drops and g be the acceleration due to gravity. If the drop is left to itself in air, it moves downwards due its weight mg. Now, since there exists a relative motion between the drop and the medium, the viscous force acts upwards. In the initial stages of motion, its velocity increases due to gravity; viscous force also increases. When the voltage by a Power Supply is applied, this changes the velosity of drop. The direction can be changed by reversing switch provided.
Specifications :
Telemicroscope : Achromatic lenses with focussing.
Microscope Lamp House, Automizer Power Supply.

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Ultrasonic Waves Bsc Exp 194 Electronics To determine the velocity of ultrasonic waves in a lequid and the compressibility of liquid


BSc Apparatus Required: Ultrasonic spectrometer, sodium lamp, R.F. oscillator, glass cell for containing experimental liquid, quartz crystal, convex lens fitted in a stand and spirit level.

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Universal Mortor Speed Controller


With Power Supply

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