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Magnetic Field Bsc Exp 148 Electricity To determine the magnetic moment M of a magnet and horizontal componet of earths magnetic field H at a place using deflection magnetometer and vibration magnetom


BSc Apparatus Required: Deflection magnetometer, Vibration magnetometer, Given magnet, Stop watch, A rectangular brass rod.

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Millikan's Method Bsc Exp 158 Electronics To determine the value of electron charge by millikan's method


To determine the value of electron charge by millikan's method

Apparatus Required:Milikan apparatus, atomiser, oil, rheostat, voltmeter, power supply,commutator, stop watch digital

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Monostable Multivibrator


Circuit comprises two transistors with associated components, 4 R and 2 C for different time constants, monopulser, byffered LED with fixed DC power supply. Complete with Manual and Connection Wire. Optional :Triggered CRO and audio oscillator.

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