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Pharmacy & Pharmacology etc

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Capsule Counting tray Abron


tray for counting capsule 100 and 200availbe

APH-2593-01 Plastic 100pc

APH-2593-02 Aluminium 100 pc

APH-2593-03 Aluminium 200pc

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Capsule Filling Machine Abron


A versatile lever operated semiautomatic machine for various operations with levers is order of
1. plates for putting of capsule by hand
2. removal of caps
3. filling of powder by dispensing of brush pressing
4. fixing of caps and sealing
5. Injection of capsules.

APH-2514-01 Contact parts of stainless for 100 capsules of size 0 to 2 or 5
(anyone size in order).

APH-2514-02 -do- capacity of 200 capsules at time.

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Coating Pan Abron


(Electric operated)

APH-2515-01 with 4 tubes.

APH-2515-02 with 6 tubes.

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Collapsible Tube Filling Machine Abron


Stroke type, barrel and piston arrangement with strock setting for various capacity of filling of tubes

(from 5 gms to 50 gms.) detachable nozzles provided for each separate capacity.

All contact parts are of stainless steel also stainless steel holder.

Built on cast iron body, hand lever operated.

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Conical Percolator Abron


Capacity 1000 mI. with lid drain cock,

stainless steel sieve on 3-leged stand.

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Continuance Avoidance Response Test Apparatus Abron


wooden cabinet with digital responce test

with manual and timing etc selector

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Cook's Pole Climbing Apparatus Abron


Outer chamber made of thick plywood sheet with an observation window

and inner animal chamber is made of clear acrylic sheet bottom of which is provided with chrome plated brass bars.
A shock for controlled duration of 200V AC 50 Hz single phase - 0.2 mA

is builtin and is controlled by builtin 11 position solid state timer upto 30 seconds.

Output for connection to Kymograph or recorder has been brought out as terminal. An animal dropping removal tray has been provided for keeping the equipment clean.

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Crimping Machine Abron



Hand lever sliding movement with touched jaws

spring action release of jaws,

Robust construction.

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