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Milk Testing Instruments

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Milk Butyrometers


AM-1006 a) Milk Butyrometer 10.75 ML. 0-10% Flat Scale
AM-1006 b) Milk Butyrometer 10.75 ML. 0-8% Flat Scale
AM-1006 c) Milk Butyrometer 10.94 ML. 0-10% Flat Scale
AM-1006 d) Milk Butyrometer 10.94 ML. 0-8% Flat Scale
AM-1006 e) Milk Butyrometer Super Grade 0-6% for Cow Milk
AM-1006 f) Milk Butyrometer Super Grade 0-4% for Standardized Milk

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Milk Cans Aluminium


Aluminium Milk Cans as per IS : 64430 and are made from Piece monoblock design.These milk cans have sturdy handles & lid and are sure to last for a long Milk Cans are available in
AM-1051-05 Milk Cans Aluminium 05 liters
AM-1051-10 Milk Cans Aluminium 10 liters
AM-1051-15 Milk Cans Aluminium 15 liters
AM-1051-20 Milk Cans Aluminium 20 liters
AM-1051-30 Milk Cans Aluminium 30 liters
AM-1051-40 Milk Cans Aluminium 40 liters
AM-1051-50 Milk Cans Aluminium 50 liters
AM-1051-60 Milk Cans Aluminium60 liters

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Milk Cans Plastic


Plastic Milk cans are having smooth surface,string bottom with special ribs, Hygenoc, Made under One Piece, Rust Free,
Light Weight, Economical, Long Lasting, Easy to clean, Double Layered,Strong and sturdy. Available in 20 & 40 Litres.
AM-1052-20 Milk Cans Plastic 20 liters
AM-1052-40 Milk Cans Plastic 40 liters

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Milk Cans Stainless Steel.


Stainless Steel Milk Cans as per IS:1825:1983 and are made from S.S.304 Food Grade Stainless Steel.Elegany, Hygenic,
Easy to clean these cans are widely used in Milk Dairy Industry. Stainless Steel Milk Cans are available in 02,05,10,20 & 40 Litres.
AM-1053-02 Milk Cans Stainless Steel 02 liters
AM-1053-05 Milk Cans Stainless Steel 05 liters
AM-1053-10 Milk Cans Stainless Steel 10 liters
AM-1053-20 Milk Cans Stainless Steel 20 liters
AM-1053-40 Milk Cans Stainless Steel 40 liters

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Milk Collection Accessories


Lactometer Jar S.S. for Zeal Type Lactometer 0-40
Lactometer Jar S.S. for 15-40/20-35 Lactometers.
S.S. Buckets
Capacity (Litres) 3.25 4.5 6 9 12 16
Bottom Diameter (inches) 4.4 5.0 6.1 6.7 7.9 9.0
Top Diameter (inches) 7.0 7.5 8.5 9.6 10.8 11.9
Height (inches) 6.9 7.7 8.5 9.0 10.0 11.0
Weight (Kgs) 0.52 0.58 0.78 1.0 1.2 1.4
Weight with Cover (Kgs) 0.66 0.76 1.02 1.28 1.52 1.82
S.S. Milk Can Plunger
Stainless Steel Milk Can Plunger Available in 30'' and 36'' long S.S. rod with Stainless Steel Disc Dia 6''
S.S. Milk Strainer
Milk Strainer Stainless Steel 13''Dia with Stainless Steel Disc and Lock
S.S.Milk Cans. From 2 Litre to 10 Litres.
Easy to use, handy Stainless Steel Milk Cans from Capacity 2 Litres to 10 Litres. The Milk Cans are made
from S.S.304 Food Grade.
S.S.Milk Measures
Stainless Steel Milk Measuring Set from 2Litre to 50 ML. , the Milk Measuring Set are duly stamped by Weights &
Measures Department. The Measuring Sets are Available in both Jug Type and Straight Handles and are made from 304
Food Grade S.S. Sheets.
S.S. Sample Bottle Stands & S.S. Bottles
Sample Bottle Stand S.S. 304 Food Grade for 24 Bottles.

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