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Corcyra egg sterilization chamber
(AB-198-170 )

Entomological Insect » Corcyra egg sterilization chamber


The Sterilization Chamber is used to sterilize Corcyraeggs before they are used for parasitisation by Trichogrmmaspp. However, it can also used for UV sterilization of laboratory matirial like glassware, plastic ware, clothes, cotton etc. The period of exposure to the UV light is set using timer. Since the chamber is made up of matel there is no radiation exposure to the worker.

For Sterilization of the Corcyra Eggs :

  1. Glue the Corcyra eggs on post-card size cards. Ensure that glue film is thin enough so that the eggs are not immersed in it but just stick by a small contact with the card.
  2. Allow the glue to dry.
  3. Arrange cards in the semi-circular drawer in channel.
  4. Close the drawer and set the timer for a required period of time.
  5. Switch on the UV-C light provided in the ceiling of the chamber. The light will be switched off on its own after the set time. (Please check these point if they are according to the timer you are using.)
  6. In the meanwhile cards in the second drawer can be arranged.
  • AB-198-170c 150 cards
  • AB-198-170b 100 cards
  • AB-198-170a 50 card
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