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Communication lab frequency modulation/demodulation trainer

Microprocessor » Communication lab frequency modulation/demodulation trainer


Frequency Modulation is accomplished using IC 8038 a function generator IC with built-in VCO. On-board carrier and modulating signal with power supplies are provided. PLL IC 565 is used to demodulate FM signal. Frequency deviation, Modulation Index etc., are studied using this trainer.

Hardware Specification

  • +/-12V/350 mA DC Power Supply
  • Carrier Generator 75 KHz
  • Modulating signal Generator 10 KHz
  • Based on IC CXA1691BS
  • Low current comsumption
  • Volume control
  • Built in speaker
  • Built in audio amplifier
  • Low power dissipation
  • Fault findings given in manual
  • Fault creating by jumpers, so helpul to understand the working of actual receiver
  • Can be used as normal receiver to tune different frequencies
  • Each section like audio amplifier, FM modulator etc. is printed on board with test points.
  • Housed in attractive cabinet
  • In-built power supply
  • Operating temperature - 10 degree C to +60 degree C
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