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Cds constant deviation spectrograph edf glass prism
(AR-1013.01 )

Physics Research & Laser » Cds constant deviation spectrograph edf glass prism


For direct reading for visible wavelength of Spectrum, special series, emission spectra of elements, absorption spectra of compounds, fluorescence spectra, Band Spectra, Zeman effect and determination of E/M, Deflection of traces of metallic elements, Raman spectra of liquids, Polarisation studies, unknown substances Analysis.
Construction : The instrument has heavy pillar for mounting Collimator / Telescope Prism Housing. Prism Table properly housed rotatable Calibrated wave length drum. Achromatic high resolution Lenses in Telescope and collimator with Rack and Pinion eye piece.Collimating tube is provided with optically worked / film shade slit, which is provided with drum having reflective Index 1.66 / 1.74 mechanism to read the opening of the slit. Collimating lens (Achromatic) of 44 mm dia, 350 mm GL.
Telescope tube is provided with rack and pinion arrangement to focus the spectral line on to the pointer provided against the eye piece with Micrometer LC 0.01 cm.
L. C. of spectrograph + 2 A'
(A) E.D.F. GLASS PRISM : Mat, optically glass u = 1.65. Three faces of the prism are optically flat to surface finish lemda/10

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