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Cds constant deviation spectrograph accessories
(AR-1013.03 )

Physics Research & Laser » Cds constant deviation spectrograph accessories


AR-1013.10-CDSparts Long collimator Arm
AR-1013.11-CDSparts Standard Accessory bar nearly 3 feet long
AR-1013.12-CDSparts PLATE CAMERA
AR-1013.14-CDSparts MICROMETER eye piece fillar type Accuracy 0.001cm
AR-1013.15-CDSparts Slit with Micrometer L.C. 0.01 mm with Diaphragm.
AR-1013.16-CDSparts for 2 different wave length spectra comparison
AR-1013.17-CDSparts Extension mount for holding L.G. plate/Edser Butler Plate/Fabry perot Elaton with E.D.F.
AR-1013.18-CDSparts Fabry Parot Etalon Aperture 30 mm /15mm
AR-1013.19-CDSparts Fabry Parot Etalon Aperture 3mm
AR-1013.20-CDSparts Fabry Parot Etalon Aperture 5mm
AR-1013.21-CDSparts Fabry Parot Etalon Aperture 10mm
AR-1013.22-CDSparts Edser Butler plate for determining Wave Length
AR-1013.23-CDSparts Lummer Gechracke Plate with stand
AR-1013.24-CDSparts Condenser with stand.
AR-1013.25-CDSparts Arc and spark stand Adjustable by Rack and Pinion
AR-1013.26-CDSparts Arc and spark stand Power Pack
AR-1013.27-CDSparts Mercury Lamp with Choke and Box
AR-1013.28-CDSparts Sodium Vapour Lamp 35 Watt with heavy Transformer and Box
AR-1013.29-CDSparts for Arch stand Carbon Rod
AR-1013.29-CDSparts for Arch stand Rod
AR-1013.29-CDSparts for Arch stand Aluminium Rod
AR-1013.29-CDSparts for Arch stand Iron Cast Iron Rod
AR-1013.30-CDSparts Silver Tip with Iron Back
AR-1013.31-CDSparts Glass Cell with stand

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