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Band gap energy gap in ge crystal 4 probe method
(AE-1204-02 )

Electronic Instruments » Band gap energy gap in ge crystal 4 probe method



The Four Probe Method is one of the standard and most widely used methods for the measurement of resistively of semi-conductors.
The error due to contact resistance, which is specially serious in the electrical measurement on semi-conductors, is avoided by the use of two extra contacts (probes) between the current contacts.
As long as the resistance of the crystal and contact resistances are small compared with the effective resistance of the voltage measuring device (potentiometer, electrometer or electronic voltmeter), the measured value will remain unaffected. Because of pressure contacts, the arrangement is also specially useful for quick measurement on different crystals or sampling different parts of the crystal.

Probe Arrangement :

It has four individually spring loaded probes,

Sample :

Germanium crystal in the form of a chip.

Oven :

It is a small oven for the variation of temperature.

Four Probe Set-up :

Set-up consists of three units.

Mini Oven

With Heater ON/OFF Switch and Lid

Complete set with circuit engraved and in box with power supply wire and shoe Abron
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