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Anderson bridge for self - inductance
(AP-668 )

Physics All Items » Anderson bridge for self - inductance



Non-Inductive Resistance (in ohms)
P = 1000
Q = 1000
R = 1000
S = A variable non-inductive resistance in the form of 3-decades of 10 x 1,
10 x 10 and 10 x 100 ohms.This resistance also includes the resistance
of self-inductance L which is also connected in the same arm.
m = A non-inductive variable resistance of 3 decades of 10 x 10, 10 x 100 and
10 x 1000 ohms.
C = A standard capacitance provided in the bridge in the form of a single decade
of 10 x 0.01 mfd.
Accessories at Extra :
(i) An audio frequency oscillator of 1 KC/S a.and a variable output of 10 volts is
used as a source of supply.
(ii) A pair of headphone of good sensitivity is used as a detector in the bridge network.
. AP-668b Anderson Bridge set up
. . Set up with oscillator and headphone
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